I'm So Happy You Are Here!

My name is Lanny Barby and I'm very happy to be a Vivid Girl. You might have seen me on the cover of Penthouse, Club, Hustler or one of my other magazine appearances. Or maybe you saw one of the over 50 DVDs I have done.
Either way I am very glad that you are here. You might have guessed that I like to show off, and the more people that see me the happier I am. I just get that warm and tingly feeling inside when I know that you are watching me!

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Lanny Barby Loves Sex!

You Probably already know that I was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for June 2003. I was the first Canadian girl from Quebec to be a Pet so I am really proud of that!

A lot of people say that Quebec girls are the sexiest girls in Canada. Maybe it's cuz of our French heritage.
I don't know if it's true but I DO know that we are the Nastiest girls in the Whole Wide World! And that includes the web, hehehe. We just naturally have fewer inhibitions so we make the perfect pornstars. Take a look through my preview section and I'm sure you will find Plenty of Reasons to agree with that! Just like in the movies I have done, the pics and videos in my member section are no holds barred. Or maybe I should say: No HOLES barred! Can you see me blushing? Hehehe

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