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Well I guess the biggest news lately is that I was the Pet of the Month and the covergirl for the June 2003 issue of Penthouse. That was a really great experience for me. I went to L.A. and did several photo sessions with Suze Randall. She's probably the most famous erotic photographer in the world, so I felt really lucky that I got to shoot with her.

I also made the cover of Club International magazine. That was a fun shoot too. It was with Scott St. James. Scott is also very talented.

Hot Video is a very big magazine in France. They did a special issue on the Canadian porn industry and I was picked for the cover. They also used a lot of pics of me inside. That was a very good time shooting for them. We drove all around Montreal in a big limo and took a lot of pics outside. I didn't really like them calling me the "Chienne Canadienne" though. It means Canadian Bitch cuz "chienne" is a female dog. I guess it's normal in France but here it really isn't a nice thing to call a girl! I will be going to France in September so that should be very interesting.

This was my very first cover! I was only 18 and just starting out. Erospheres is a very popular magazine in Montreal and the rest of Quebec. You can compare the covers and decide which Lanny you prefer. Blonde or brunette. Big boobies or... less big boobies, hahaha.

Looks like it's official. I'm a Pornstar! Hehehe. This is the October 2003 edition of Fox magazine. They put me in the same class as a couple of pretty big names so I'm pretty flattered. The pics are by Suze Randall.

This is from the November 2003 issue of Cheri magazine. The other girl is my good friend Alexia. The pics are by Suze Randall again.

Wow! Seeing those poll results really made me happy. Suze Randall has a great site at Suze-Net and I'm very proud to be popular there!

This is from the January 2004 issue of Club International magazine. A little solo action this time. I do wish they would spell my name right! The pics are by Suze Randall.

This is the Novembre 2003 issue of Quebec Erotique magazine. Judy Star is in this one too. Some pretty rude pics, hehe.

This is the Novembre 2003 issue of Club International magazine. It's a Suze Randall shoot of me with Bobby Vitale.

This is the Novembre 2003 issue of Penthouse magazine. It's my second appearance in Penthouse and it's a Suze Randall shoot with TWO guys in a men's bathroom!

Here's the March 2004 issue of Club magazine. The Photographer was the very famous Earl Miller and it was shot in The Verdun area here in Montreal!

I recently made the cover of Penthouse Letters! The photographer is Suze Randall. I think she likes me!

Here's I am on the Cover of the November 2004 issue of Velvet magazine. The Photographer was the beautiful and talented Suze Randall again.

I was just at a porn convention in Quebec City. I was with Vivid Girl Malezia and I also got to meet the very cool Photographer Carl Wachter.

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